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ETOS is a Professional Pest Management Company established in Jakarta in 1992. Our vision is becoming a profitable company and providing the best services to customer to achieve the best pest management company, with mision: giving customers' satisfaction consistently.efficient and competitive in process and result, supported by reliable human resources development. The name of ETOS stands for ETHOLOGY SYSTEM.

Ethology is the study of animal behavior, founded on a comparative zoological and physiological base. Three behaviorists, Karl von Frisch, Konrad Lorenz and Nikolaas Tinbergen who shared the 1973 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for their work in shaping the science of comparative animal behavior are widely considered to be the founders of modern Ethology. Our founder was inspired by this modern Ethology, and from the very beginning of establishment, we always consider the behavior of the target pests before taking control measures.

In the early days, we concentrated on rodent control and in the pest management industry ETOS is well known as "rodent control specialist". And now, we provide any pest problems either residential or commercial, from household pest, termites up to fumigation services.

We have now 8 offices in Indonesia (Jakarta, Bandung, Bogor, Bekasi,Banten,Lampung, Surabaya and Bali) employing more than 300 people. Our well trained technicians as well as experienced entomologists are our guarantee to solve your pest problems through our best available solution with the least environmental risk.

To support our activities, we have established excellent relationship with most of International Pesticide and Equipment Suppliers for many years. In international community, we are an active member of ASPPHAMI (Indonesian Pest Management Association) since 1992, NPMA (National Pest Management Association, USA) since 1994, and International Association for FOOD PROTECTION USA Since 1999. by participating regularly their activities.

ETOS' Strategi is simple : Profesional Management, Effective Communication with the customers, updated equipment, skilled and well-trained technicians, and safe and environmentally friendly products.

·          We uphold our promise in delivering prompt and effective remedies :

·          Carry out a thorough inspection at your premises to ensure understanding of pest situation.

·          Develop and submit the finding along with our recommendations.

·          Design appropriate action plan to provide complete and economical protection program.

·          Follow up with a maintenance program that will ensure continuouse pest-free environment.

To answer your pest problem please contact our office in your nearest place for survey at no charge and without obligation.

Your Health, Property and Environment are Our Concern.


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